USB SVGA Video Card Adapter for XP/2000 and Vista!

USB SVGA Video Card Adapter for XP/2000 and Vista!
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USB 2.0 Graphic Card, External Mini USB Video Output Device for XP 2000 and Vista

1280 X 1024 Maximum Resolution usb video card>  <a href=USER GUIDE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Q: Why can’t I make the USB 2.0 to Graphic Card the primary display? A: Some video cards ship their product with a utility that prevent other video cards from being set as the primary card. Check the bottom right hand corner taskbar for the utility. Disable the utility before switching our adapter to be the primary display. Q: Why won’t my DVD player work when I move it over to the extended display? A: Some DVD playback software packages do not support playing on a second display adapter of any kind. Q: How come my video will not play on Media Player if I move it over to the extended desktop? A: Check that you have moved the Media Player window completely over to the second screen. Q: Why does my mouse not move pass the right side of the screen as it should on extended desktop? A: Check the display settings and make sure that your display number ‘2’ is on the right side of display number ‘1’. You can rearrange how Windows treats each display in relation to each other in the Display Properties Settings. Q: There are lines running horizontally up and down my screen. A: This is due to a low refresh rate setting. You can change this in the Display Properties Settings Advanced Monitor. Make sure you select the USB 2.0 VGA Device first and not set the refresh rate higher than what your monitor can support. This may damage your monitor. You can also try to reset/refresh/resynchronize your monitor. Q: Direct3D does not work? A: This is a current limitation of the adapter. Please check for driver updates in the future to add support for this. If your application requires this, please use the main display adapter. Q: Why won’t the Adapter work on Windows Vista 64 bit version? A: Currently, the driver is compatible with Windows Vista 32 bit version only. Please check for the driver updates in the future.
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