USB 2.0 Repeater Cable 17ft. USB 2.0 Extension Cable

USB 2.0 Repeater Cable 17ft. USB 2.0 Extension Cable
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Best USB 2.0 Extension Cable On the Planet. Very Good Quality NEC Chip and Cable Combination. 5-YEAR WARRANTY. Distance is no longer a problem with our new USB 2.0 Repeater Cable. Each cable supports 5M in distance and is able to connect up to 5 cables at the same time providing a maximum distance and data transfer rate of up to 25M and 480 Mbps. It is designed to connect with USB devices that are either out-of-reach or at a different location. USBG-17EX regenerates signal to compensate for any signal loss to ensure the signals are stable at the end of each long-distance transmission. Fully Compliant with USB Specification 2.0/1.1 Supports Data Transfer Rate of 480 Mbps @ High-Speed, 12 Mbps @ Full-Speed, and 1.5 Mbps @ Low-Speed Provides a Maximum Distance of up to 25M by Cascading Supports Plug & Play Supports Bus Powered Mode usb extension cable picture 1>      <img src= More Information
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