SATA Power Split Cable - Molex 4-Pin Output - Dual 15-pin SATA Output

SATA Power Splitter Cable with Molex 4-Pin Outptu and Dual 15-pin Sata Output 7 inch cables
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Great Adapter if you need more Sata Power plugs in your system and/or an older Molex power plug, this cable provides it all. It has two 15-pin Sata power cables and one 4-pin Molex from one standard Sata Female 15-pin input plug. Sata power splitter, this adapter will take your single SATA power input and make it into Two SATA Power Connections for SATA Devices and One Molex 4-Pin for Older Style Devices. 15-Pin SATA Power Input to 2+1 15-pin sata output and one Molex Plug, 7 inch cables. SATA 15-Pin Power Cable Splitter SATA Power 15-pin Cable Adapter to TWIN 15-Pin SATA Power Splitter and one Molex 4-Pin Header SATA Power Adapter & Splitter
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