Network USB 2.0 SuperLink Cable by CableMax TCP/IP EasyLink

Network USB 2.0 SuperLink Cable by CableMax TCP/IP EasyLink
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Product Features: Fully compliant with USB 2.0 Specification and up to 480Mbps data transfer rate Backwards Compatible with USB1.1 Can detect the speed of USB interface SPE. automatic and Support data transfer rate at 1.5/12/480 Mbps realize Networking link and data transfer via USB interface Operating System supported: Win XP/ 2000/ Me/ 98/ 98SE; Mac )S 8.6 or above File transfer application software reunning on Win98/ 98SE/ ME/ 2000 ad Win XP Including the funtions of Lancard, with hardware support net protocol TCP/IP, NETBEUI, Share network such as ADSL, Modern, CD-ROM, Printer, Scanner etc. Support to link with several dcomputers to play NetWork games Network can link more over 20 PCs (with USB HUB) Design for low power consume and Need no extend power adapter, convenience for the SOHO enviornment Depending on the driver set used, the USB2.0 NetLink cable can perform the following functions:

USB networking (Ethernet emulation) File transfer (including PC to PC sharing) Printer and Storage (device Hard drive, Floppy and CD-ROM) sharing Share internet connections (requires proxy or bridging software) Multi-player gaming System Requirements: Intel 486DX-66MHZ or higher or compatible system Available USB standard interface Operating system: Microsoft Windows 98(SE)/ ME/ 2000/ XP
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