Multi-Lane SATA2 Enclosure Device Bracket SCSI Opening

Multi-Lane SATA2 Enclosure Device Bracket SCSI Opening
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MultiLane Infiniband Device Bracket for Enclosures

Convert Most Two Bay External Enclosures with Standard SCSI Centronics 50-pin openinig on rear panel to Native SATA Drive Solution. Bracket Mounts in place of many mfg. Firewire/USB/Scsi ports giving you direct QUAD SATA II Shielded External Ports and 4X Port SATA internal Device Connections. Multilane Multi-lane SATA Infiniband Provides four 7-pin Serial ATA2 Connectors. One 4-Channel External Multi-Lane (x4) Screw Style Multilane Connectors. 4 Internal 7pin SAS/SATA to External SAS 4X adapter w/Centronics bracket Perfect for upgrading existing enclosures to SAS or SATA. Supports 4 SAS or SATA hard drives. Idea to Convert Internal 4 Ports to External 4 Ports. Supports up to 3Gb/s SATA2 Data Transfer Rate. 4 External LED Activity Indicators for each Channels. Supports Host (PC or Server) Side External Converting. Idea for External JBOD and RAID Connections.
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