Internal to External Multilane 2 Port PCI Bracket for PC/MAC Systems

Internal to External Multilane Dual Port PCI Bracket for Most PC/MAC Systems
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Internal SATA to External 4X L-bracket Adapter w/dual ports IFB- 4 / 8X D / H Features & Specification A Four / Eight Channel Serial ATA pass-through panel mount of Infiniband connector. Offers an un-precedent options: converting SCSI cases to Serial ATA cases or accessing internal Serial ATA ports. Imagine of creating an external hot plug-able 4/8 bays SATA drives. Converting New/Existing SCSI enclosure Installing Serial ATA bracket into the SCSI cut-out, within forth any new or existing enclosure can be converted to Serial ATA enclosure, The modified enclosure is fully support 1.5Gb and 3.0 Gb transfer rate and RAID function with fully hot plug-able capability. 8 SATA to Infiniband 4x Converter (Host end) with PC Bracket Four independent Serial ATA channels IFB-4XD / IFB-8XD Fits into any SCSI-1 cut-out Easy to use Support RAID Functions Includes: Serial ATA Bracket With indicated LEDs Dimension : 122 * 12 * xx (PCB) mm Multi-lane 4x X 2 Ports SATA adapter (PCI bracket form factor) For host PC. Lets you convert eight internal SATA ports to two External 4X Multilane port in the back of the case. Thumbscrew-style connections multilane PCI Bracket multilane adapter PCI bracket infiniband adapter PCI bracket
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