Firewire 800 Cable 1394b 9-pin to 9-pin Firewire Cable 6ft.

Firewire 800 Cable 1394b 9-pin to 9-pin Firewire Cable 6ft.
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FIREWIRE 800 9-pin to 9-pin firewire cables - IEEE-1394b (Firewire 800) Cables ... 1394b (Firewire 800) Cables and adapter cables Firewire 800, 800 Mbps and 800/400 9-pin Firewire 800, (IEEE1394b) to 9-pin Firewire 800, (IEEE1394b) , 6 feet long. At twice the speed of earlier FireWire products, <Firewire 800 FireWire IEEE 1394b technology is perfect for FireWire enthusiasts wishing to obtain higher transfer speeds. We have developed FireWire cable solutions that serve 1394b\'s amazing speed capacity of up to 800Mbps - surpassing the older 400Mbps specification. Featuring a 9-pin connector design, the new FireWire IEEE 1394b ports will continue to support all the advantages that have made FireWire a predominant, high-speed interface-including simultaneous connection of up to 63 devices, real-time digital audio and video transfer, peer-to-peer device connections, Plug-and-Play device installation, and hot swap capability. The new FireWire IEEE 1394b specification is backward-compatible with existing FireWire technology, which makes it an ideal solution for those using current FireWire products as well as for those using devices designed according to the new IEEE 1394b specification. Specifications: • Transfers data at rates of up to 800Mbps • Triple-Shielded Cable for ultra-fast data transfers • Single Exact Twists Technology to minimize cross talk and transmission error • Plated Copper Contacts for excellent conductivity • Molded-Strain Relief for flexible durability and fit

Firewire 800 Cable 1394b Cable 9-pin

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