RS-232/485/422/DIO to Ethernet Data Gateway

RS-232/485/422/DIO to Ethernet Data Gateway
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This IP EDG-421 is a Network Controller and Sensor with 7 DI (detect digital input) and 7 DO (Directly control relay output) that you can easily control devices remotely and check the device status via the Internet from anywhere in the world. It features an embedded web server, security code identification and hardware reset function, polarity protection, and LED indicators for switch-working status. It includes 7 Digital Inputs, 7 Digital Relay Outputs and work like IO Server. This system can be integrated with Home or Office security, personal entertainment, or industrial field applications. User Guide for this Ethernet Data Gateway

  • Provides one RS232/422/485 Port over LAN
  • Provides 7 Digital I/O Lines over LAN
  • Reset Input to Reset the Hardware from External
  • Supports 4-wire RS-422/485 and 2-wire RS-485 applications
  • Built-in 15KV ESD Protection for ALL Signals
  • Provides TCP Server, TCP Client, and UDP
  • Provides one 10/100Mbps, RJ45 LAN Port
  • Provides +12VDC from DC Jack or Terminal Blocks


The EDG-421 series data gateways are designed to adopt your industrial serial devices to the Internet instantly. It delivers simple, reliable and cost-effective network connectivity for multiple serial devices. It address the need to connect individual RS-232 or RS-422/485 devices, such as PLCs, meters, sensors, to an IP-based Ethernet LAN. It makes your application software to access serial devices anywhere on a local area network or the Internet.

The EDG-421 provides 7 GPIO?s (General Purpose Input Output) pins to provide extra digital I/O control signals over Internet as well. A reset input port is designed to reset the whole hardware of the EDG-421 . This feature is used to reset the EDG-421 if it is hang. The EDG-421 is easy to install or remotely through a variety IP addressing methods (UDP, IP, TCP, ICMP, HTTP, DHCP, ARP-Ping). It is ideal for applications requiring either serial ports or Digital I/O environments and network device management.


LAN Port: Ethernet: 10/100 Mbps, RJ45 connector
Protocols: UDP, IP, TCP, ICMP, HTTP, DHCP, ARP-Ping

Serial Interface: The Serial interface provides a DB9 RS-232 connector and a RS-422/485 terminal block connector. You can only use either RS-232 or RS-422/485 (but not both at the same time). The key benefits are:

  • RS-232 Connector: DB9 male
  • RS-422/485 Connector: 4-pin terminal block, 2/4-wire configured via DIP switch
  • Interface: 3 modes are selectable: 4-wire RS-422 (TXD+/-, RxD+/-). 2-wire RS-485 (TxD+/-, RxD+/-). 2-wire RS-485 (Data+/-, Data+/-)
  • Parity: None, Even, Odd Data bits: 7,8
  • Speed: 300bps to 115.2Kbps
  • Terminator: 120 OHM, can be Enabled/Disabled by DIP switch
  • 15KV ESD protection for all signals
  • Provides wall and rack mounting holes

Digital I/O pins 7 Digital I/O pins for control applications. They are designed in terminal block connectors reset Input. The reset input connector accepts the active signal from outside. If the signal was forced to low, then the EDG-421 will reset all its hardware.

  • Power Requirements +12VDC DC from Jack or from Terminal Block Connectors
  • Environmental: Operating Temp.: 0 to 558C (32 to 1318F) - Storage Temp: -20 to 858C (-4 to 1858F) - Operating Humidity: 5 to 95% RH
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