eSATA-150 RAID External 2Ports eSATA Type I

eSATA-150 RAID External 2Ports eSATA Type I
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2External SATA (eSATA) Raid 0 & Raid 1 This PCI Host Adapter can upgrade your desktop computer to have two Serial ATA Channels. The board provides a 32bit, 33/66 MHz PCI interface on the host side and dual, fully compliant Serial ATA ports on the device side to access Serial ATA mobile external storage devices such as hard disk drive, ZIP drive, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM. RAID 0 (Striping), RAID 1 (Mirroring) can improve the data performance or provide the data redundancy and rebuilding.

Dual eSATA Type "I" Port PCI Card for Windows

FEATURES Two shielded and durable eSATA connectors 48 bits LBA can Break Capacity-Limit to Support HDD larger than 137GB Sufficient power current 1.5A5V and 2A12V to supply External Device Hot-plug capability Two high speed Native Serial ATA interface ports, each supporting 1st generation Serial ATA data rates 1.5Gb/s Fully compliant with Serial ATA 1.5G specifications Provides RAID 0 (Stripping) to greatly increase the performance of data transfer by simultaneously writing data to 2 drives Provides RAID 1 (Mirroring) to protect the data from a disk failure by writing identical data on 2 drives Two Pin header on board for LED connection Supports Spread Spectrum in receiver Independent 256-byte FIFOs (32 bit * 64 deep) per Serial ATA channel for host reads and writes Compliant with PCI Specification, revision 2.3 Integrated PCI DMA engines 32 bit, 33/66MHz fully compliant PCI host interface Mini DIN Power Connector on board to provide 12V and 5V DC power output for External Mobile Devices Completely with drivers for Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and XP

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External Ports 2 x eSATA
Card Interface PCI