1394 FireWire Cables 6-pin to 4-pin 3ft.

1394 FireWire Cables 6-pin to 4-pin 6ft.
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Key Features: Plug-and-Play technology is the hottest idea in connectivity today, and high speed and capacity are an important part of the current innovation. IEEE 1394 is a new high-speed serial bus standard which bridges the worlds of consumer electronics and computers. This convergence allows users to easily attach digital camcorders, VCRs and other audio/video components to computers. IEEE 1394 delivers guaranteed bandwidth, transferring data in real time, eliminating any of your time critical data from being lost or corrupted.

Apple FireWire® and Sony i.LINK™ Compatible Supports High Digital Data Transmissions of 400Mbps Plug-and-Play technology Hot Pluggable Both 6-pin (PC Device) and 4-pin (Audio/Video Device) connector versions are available

  • 3ftt. 6-pin to 4-pin 1394 Video Cable
  • 3ft. 6-pin to 4-pin 1394 Video Cable
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